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University of Babylon promoting the principle of transparency

We hope through our commitment to quality within the university that brings us the obligation to obtain a certificate for accreditation and quality assurance as the first Iraqi University during the 2014 Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq was to the University of Babylon significant impact on the adoption of academic accreditation within the Iraqi educational institutions was one of the first advocates for the application quality standards in the administrative system of institutional, have competent cadres worked on academic research documented in this regard and the dissemination of experiences to benefit the rest of the institutions also played a vital role in transforming theory into practical application and display all the obstacles facing the process of managing the transition to study the solutions was a presence privileged in seminars and conferences international competent overall quality and academic accreditation.
The department aims at supporting academic and educational programs in the University of Babylon. Giving permission for the members of the university to participate in these programs in order to build internal quality system. This will lead the university to have the academic accreditation and listed in the international classifications.

The department also supports science (education and learning) and scientific research by using different means of evaluation. The results of the evaluation have honest results like feedback from students that can improve the academic institution and education process. Working hard with the administration of the academic institution to overcome the problems students to achieve their goals, and giving opportunities for the students to gain experience through practical training.

Sana Salman Shendi        
quality assurance and university performance department
The presidency of the University of Babylon              

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