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About ISO

The word ISO comes from the Greek word (ISOS), which means equal or conformity and there is a team mistakenly believed that they came to the abbreviations of the name of the global organization for inspection and quality control International Organization for standardization inspection and quality control organization in 1946, was founded included (25) advanced industrial countries and in London, which is responsible for the development of international standards of all disciplines organization based in Geneva / Switzerland-based. Where and through this organization launched a series of international standard ISO (9000) in 1987 and continued to develop the organization and improve its provisions in accordance with the requirements of the beneficiaries. The ISO series is a specification means the quality of the various disciplines of the productive and service and educational organizations a scalable and periodic evaluation. If there is a technical committee of the world's experts on standardization and quality control organization which identified its mission in the issuance of ISO for quality series called TC / 176 and there are other technical committees concerned with environmental, health and others. The ISO (9000), which represents the principles, definitions and standard (9001), which represents special customer requirements indicate that the quality does not mean the quality is known as defined at first glance, but mean as defined by the quality scientists as to achieve customer satisfaction and meet the needs and expectations and therefore its requirements and the stated and implicit does not mean excellence. [for more on the fundamentals of the ISO you can look at this link.]

The basic vision of the Department of get a certificate for accreditation and quality

assurance as the first Iraqi University during the 2014 Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. While there are real efforts of the department through a specialized and efficient scientific cadres to establish faith in the concepts and principles of total quality system in the educational institution and the development of qualitative performance of all workers by raising the skills and abilities in quality and achieve academic accreditation programs guarantee.

Mission of the website

This site is specifically designed for the deployment of a comprehensive updates on quality and performance, which is sponsored by the University of Babylon a few years ago to ensure we are constantly trying publication and distribution of all research and achievements made within the university on the site quality assurance to share our experience in this field, with local and international academic community in general, we are in University of Babylon we have certain tasks and objectives of the pre-planned us pledge snapped patterns administration to an advanced level in order to occupy a prominent position among the world's most universities