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الاتصال بquality assurance and university performance
الاتصال بقسم ضمان الجودة University of Babylon

Use of the site quality assurance and university performance agreements                       Please read the following terms and tabs carefully, consent to the use of network policies                       of the university / Quality Assurance Agreement-university data warehouse thou legally agree                       All that is mentioned in this page


Traded information accuracy

Each research papers and other electronic content distributed for public use and does not assume University of Babylon any legal responsibility for the follow or reliance on scientific theories Or practical applications. The site does not bear any legal consequences stemming from the loss of money Or expertise rank of relying on the contents of this site. As the University of Babylon Will not bear any liability resulting from the loss of this information and does not assume any responsibility for the fact that Embedded information may hurt the feelings of some users considered inappropriate or socially or scientifically . All of the falls to the publisher of the information directly. We recommend that consulted an expert in the field The relevant jurisdiction when relying on electronic paper for the completion of projects in the private sector Or the government.

Request to delete the electronic papers and links related

The request for deletion of the links or the contents of the private electronic versions Center for quality assurance and university performance at the University of Babylon taken into account by the administrators network. So please contact us through the mailing Anaoyena and other methods of communication provided Through the network of the university full pages clearly and type the reason for the payment request to delete the content a certain . If you think that there are contents include breach of property rights in the paper please include a link Electronic original Ajraitna we are taking in the deletion and punish defaulters. But you have to Wait for 30 days to address your request to delete one of the electronic securities. I feel freedom Full to contact us again if we do not communicate with you regarding your order after the expiry of the deadline Specific

Electronic publishing and embedding of the university data warehouse freedom

We are not responsible for the legitimacy, the lack of, the accuracy, the presence of the information before it is the prerogative of bodies Edit magazines or those driving to the information we store in the university data warehouse, We are also not responsible for the deletion, failure to save, not appropriate in the delivery to users Because we're working online has been our servers are under maintenance at the time of the times

Links to other persons or institutions, if any of them what is contrary to public morals may appear Please let us know. It includes links pointing to pages inappropriate or offensive or degrading or do not work .nhfez Properly within our agreements the right to rewrite or change the terms at any time and also Starch and without informing our users so we invite you to visit this page from time to time for Any updates

Electronic property and rights to sites University of Babylon

No part of this site has been re-used or restructured depending on the sites Other Iraqi or Arab. Has not been registered, translate, buy, sell or broadcast, publishing or re Distribution or adjournment or publicly display any content from other sites

Personal information

We are in the University of Babylon receive and store any information we collected from our users Through specialized systems in this area, such as the information provided through the electronic delivery of securities And files, comments and matching so we recommend you not to leave any information they find in the future That may harm or hurt anyone else

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