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Before turning to the meaning of quality idiomatically we address the linguistic meaning is derived from the Arabic dictionaries as mediator lexicon suggests that quality means the fact that a good thing, a source of a serious reaction. The meaning of idiomatic TQM has been seen by some as '' take effort and investment potentials to improve the administrative approach and specifications '', some argue that the overall quality means efficiency. Others argue that it reflects the effectiveness of Effectiveness Despite the disparity between researchers in the concept of total quality only it could be argued that it efficiently and effectively together include because efficiency means the optimal use of the potential of the available [input] in order to obtain a specified amount of output.

Shedding light on quality assurance

Reflect the quality accurately the essence of education and the state, including all its dimensions (inputs, processes, outputs) near and far and feedback, as well as ongoing interactions that lead to the achievement of the desired objectives and appropriate for a particular community and to the extent the safety of the essence of education and condition varied levels of quality and that quality in education positive educational system mean in the sense that the output well and be consistent with the goals of the system in terms of the needs of society as a whole in the development and growth and the needs of the individual as a unit to build this community. Hence the distinction between the three sides in the sense of the overall quality of education:

Design quality :
- means to determine the specifications and characteristics that should be taken into account in the planning of the work.
- Output quality: means to obtain an educational product and educational services in accordance with the expected characteristics and specifications.

Based on the above, we can determine the definition of quality education as: "a set of criteria and characteristics should be available in all the educational elements in the educational institution in respect of which inputs, processes and outputs that will achieve the desired goals of the individual and the institution and society in accordance with the material and human potential. The challenges technological information that the contemporary world is facing a revolution made the overall quality system the ideal solution to address the productivity problems and I have this method has proved its worth, so it has become all the world organizations today including educational institutions desperately needs to be to raise productivity and improve quality to meet the images the challenges and changes that are going in the context of survival for the better, so that countries can find their location on the map in the world of the technological revolution and the information revolution, and we can summarize a set of benefits that can be realized in the case of the application of total quality in education, including:

- Study the requirements of society and the needs of its members and meet those needs.
- Business performance properly and in less time, effort and cost as well.
- Interaction and communication development within the working group.
- Satisfy the needs of learners and increasing complacency.
-Improve the quality of the learner in the cognitive aspects, skills and ethical.
- Contribute to solving the problems that hinder the learning process.
- To achieve effective and continuous process of learning and teaching control.
- Achieving material gains and experience the quality of workers in the institution and community members.

- Advantages of the application of overall quality and paybacks on educational institutions

Given the importance of the overall quality of any institution so that is the basis for any job well done, especially in the field of education, he saw many of the developed countries, the application of total quality and systems to ensure educational service is volatile and disciplined administratively internally provides a climate for expansion and excellence at the same time and we can summarize the overall quality and their application as following:

Fulfilling the requirements of the students, parents and satisfy them.
The participation of all workers in the management of the institution to the fact that everyone is aware and familiar with a clear role and responsibilities
Helping to find a documented system to ensure performance in the case of the absence of one of the individuals or leave the service.
Consolidate the image of the institution to all its commitment to quality system in services.
Help of a comprehensive and thoughtful system of the institution.
Helping to reduce educational wastage.