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quality of education

Under the development and modernization ongoing on all areas of human life and the emergence of non-traditional learning environments entered and strength SPAM on a different education systems, prompting educational institutions and in all stages of revision of the education and curriculum objectives and structure, first and foremost institutions of higher education initiated to reconsider seriously jobs educational institutions and the objectives and means in order to reach the output is consistent with the requirements of the job market, economic, social and political development and desired.

Total Quality of modern concepts that have emerged as a result of global competition intense among Japanese productivity institutions on the one hand, and the US and Europe on the other hand, at the hands of the world Deming, which is the title of the father of Total Quality, and given the success of this concept in the industrial, commercial and economic organizations and technologically advanced countries in the educational institutions have scrambled on top of higher education institutions in the application of total quality in the field of public education curriculum for the return of educated more effective and quality performance.

The concept of total quality in education

If the important issue of quality in economic institutions tuning it is even more important in educational institutions and educational systems because of the high cost of education in the light of the global inflation rates, poor quality of some of the learning outcomes, and the weakness linked to the labor market, which adversely affect the rate of development and the ability of the community to achieve its ambitions and objectives. And adjust the quality of education and the means to make sure that the educational process and educational management and training of teachers, administrators, education in educational institutions and development are all in accordance with the approved plans and standards,

It is meant to contribute to the effective administrative and organizational system in all its elements in achieving the investment efficiency of the available resources of raw material and equipment and human informative and forces, management and strategy, standards and specifications. Integrated approach is applied in all branches and levels of the school district to provide employees the opportunity to satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries of the education process, to achieve the best educational services at the lowest cost and highest quality is also considered. And the quality of education concerned with the continuous improvement in the performance of educational institutions to better serve economic costs and better use of resources, and we can say that the overall quality management system in university performance is the true gateway educational, economic, social, political and environmental reform).

The overall quality of education in properties

Focus on performance properly through intellectual capacity development of top-level, and the development of innovative thinking and critical thinking among students. It means compatibility with the purpose for which it seeks to achieve the educational institution and refers to the transformative process elevate the intellectual student abilities to rank higher, and look at the teacher as a facilitator of the educational process, and to the student as an active participant in the education of Education is a lifelong process and seeks to continuous improvement the output of the process to optimize the use of human and material resources available in addition to the provision of services, including a full needs of internal and external beneficiary providing tools and standards to measure performance and reduce cost while achieving the educational goals in the social demand.

The areas of quality university application

Became calendar Higher Education (Assessment Of University Education) at the global level is an integral part of the educational process, as has become a prerequisite required by all bodies accreditation multiple cross-cutting areas of quality educational institutions to include all inputs to the education system, processes and outputs, the main themes touches to the overall quality of education settings include educational management quality, and educational programs, regulations and legislation, school buildings and equipment, and the level of achievement of the students, and the quality of teaching methods, textbooks, and adequacy of financial resources, the efficiency of the educational and administrative body, the quality of performance assessment. To make a quantum leap in the Iraqi universities must identify performance carried out by universities in developed societies as a starting point on the right track areas,

Must be of the University of present and future specific and declared areas achieve the aspirations of its alumni and the community, agencies and institutions that receive these graduates closer look at the areas of academic performance, we find that universities operate as institutions (Terbuah- educational - Bgesah- Mojtmaah- cultural Baiah-), and can not eat any part of the aspects of previous performance independent of Alokhry.fla aspects can look for universities as the only educational institutions because their role is quite different from the role of schools Focusing on university education as institutions more than other roles led to a lower level of performance in all aspects and the absence of a real university's role in front of the community, they are system interested in promoting learner and successful member of the teaching and the governing body, with the development of methods and means of university education and try to overcome some of the obstacles associated with the transmission performance and travel learners.