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Looking forward field of educational technology application of quality in education and that by trying to use studies and research concerned with the development of education, methods and means of access to the highest performance and efficiency levels, and by the growing interest in recent application of quality standards of education, the education technology take into considerations deviate from these standards and their application in education and teaching.

Quality standard

The quality standards are as goals and elements that are judged in the light of the extent of achievement of quality targets, and standards entered into various commercial and industrial areas in the last decade of the twentieth century and then it developed to become educational institutions, including universities subject to the application of global standards and standards to ensure the quality of education. and then it rushed the various universities in many countries of the world to adopt a quality thought in the performance and application of quality standards on the services provided and the use of the means of even perform its mission as institutions active in the educational community. It should be noted that the University of Babylon was one of the Iraqi universities, the first to adopt the overall quality of the administrative and educational level, whether .maeijer quality is a set of specific benchmarks for comparison and judgment are used to set targets and evaluate the achievement may be reflective of the current levels of achievement in the organization, and these criteria also be a level set by a third party or levels of achievement in another institution are selected for comparison.

Quality Standards in Education

The education system works like any other system according to a particular strategy takes into account the circumstances surrounding the system, within the prevailing cultural construction, regulatory climate and technical progress of material and human resources available and the needs and desires of the public. So he cares that the outputs are consistent international standards to control production quality by continuously striving to use the standards to measure the quality and tuned.

Bldrj standards

Malcolm has developed a system for quality control in education, and was adopted strongly as a standard recognized to adjust the quality and excellence in the performance of educational institutions in general education, so that schools can face harsh competition in the light of the limited resources of the educational system and the demands of its beneficiaries, depending to adjust the system the quality of education (11) fundamental value provides an integrated framework for the development of education and includes 28 standard secondary to quality education and integrate into the (7) groups include - planning procedural - managing and developing powers- administration - educational institution performance-Reza beneficiaries of the system)..

Comprehensive evaluation criteria

Self-evaluation inclusive education are some standards that ensure its comprehensiveness movement made, and the process of its supporters forty five criteria divided into ten areas they think are covering various aspects of the performance efficiency of the calendar in the educational institution and these criteria after reformulation are: (goals and student learning and faculty and educational programs and institutional support and leadership administrative and financial management and the board of the educational institution management and external relations and self-development of the educational institution).